Golf Fitness Training – Transform Your Swing

I think you've heard it enough!  That golf fitness training is critical if you want to reach your true potential.  Do you want to have a consistent swing for 18 holes?  You need to be in shape to achieve it.

How does fitness training for golf differ from going to the gym and exercising on the machines?  That may be a question you've wanted to know the answer to.  Let me explain.

You see…the golf swing is dynamic (free flowing) and a total body movement. That means to get the benefit of fitness training, golfers need to train like a golfer.  Do golfers site when they swing?  Stupid question but I had to ask it.

Since golf involves every major muscle in the body in a sequential pattern of movement, do you think sitting on a machine isolating one muscle group in a "controlled" and "guided" manner will really help your swing?

Don't get me wrong!  Some exercise is better than nothing, but why not do it right from the getgo?  The easiest way to get into a golf fitness training program is to mimic your golf swing with resistance. I couldn't make it any simpler.  Break down your golf swing in phases and use exercise tubing, dumbbells, balls and and your body to accomplish this.  If you feel you're weak at impact, do an exercise with a dumbbell that takes you through impact 12-15 times.  Don't you think this will increase your golf-specific strength at impact the next time you're on the course?  I do!

Seek out a certified golf fitness trainer in your area.  Grill he/she about golf before you hire them.  Ask specific golf-related questions to see what their level of knowledge of the golf swing is.  If they hesitate in any answer, they are not well-versed in golf. Keep looking!  If you find no one, get on the net and look for golf fitness training products, dvds and books to get started.

The key is to GET STARTED!!

Be sure to visit Mike Pedersen's Perform Better Golf website for more info on golf fitness.  

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