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Hi everyone. I'm in the middle of writing our next golf club review but it won't be ready until at least tomorrow. I'm starting to fall asleep so we'll let SirPuttsAlot handle the post tonight. Putts chatted with a reader last week about golf club shafts…

Four years ago I was developing an arthritic-like pain in right ring finger from nicking it on my left hand during a golf swing.  I switched to UST 115 Stiff shafts in my next set, KZG forged and have almost no pain now.  I get a good ball flight on these irons, but they have too much work (draw too much) and I would prefer to have steel for the consistency.

Recently saw an add in Golfsmith component catalog for Sensicore inserts that can be dropped into any steel shaft,and they claim they dampen more vibration than Graphite. I am interested in Mizuno MP 57 or new 60 (for some added forgiveness)and Project X shafts – and ordering with grips off to add the Sensicore inserts. I figure if I also use grips that add some dampening like the Golf Pride DD2s that my hands should be O K.  I was also thinking about Titleist 755s. Hit both and they feel good, especially the MP 60s. Could also consider just buying 4, 5, 6 in KZG forged IIs since the 7 – P on my current set are reasonable to hit.  My handicap is usually  7 – 8 ( index like 6.2 to 7.3).  Am I thinking clearly here on adding Sensicore and do you think it really dampens as much as advertised?

Should I really be looking for an even more forgiving iron? Love the feel of forged, especially since I want to dampen the vibration to absorb shock. Let me know your thoughts.

The first thing I would recommend would be to demo some clubs with the Project X shaft in them.  You should be able to find a TaylorMade or Callaway fitting cart that has their forged offerings with the Project X. This will help you to get a feel for the shaft and make sure you like it. It is a pretty expensive shaft to purchase without trying it out first.

The other reason I would recommend trying something like this first is because the Rifle shafts in general are designed to dampen a lot of the vibrations that are normally associated with steel shafts.  You might find that the Project X dampens enough vibrations on its own that you won't need to add any inserts to it. I would suggest that the Project X with a softer grip will probably offer enough vibration dampening for you.

As for the clubs, the MP60 or 755 are both good.  The MP60 will be softer but it really comes down to personal preference between the two.

SirShanksAlot Adds… SirPutts has brought up some good points. Sometimes a softer grip can dampen vibration enough for a golfer. It might be a cheap first step in your process. Sensicore does work but I've always found golfers have a real "love-hate" relationship with it… they either love it or hate it. A lot of golf club companies are designing heads that dampen vibration on miss hits. Cleveland Golf has always been strong in this category. A club like the CG Red might be one to consider…it's got a decent "traditional" look from the top and the Gelback insert might be just what you're after. Let us know what you decide!!

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