Cleveland CG Gold Iron Review

The Cleveland CG Gold irons are the game improvement cousin to the CG Red. Not as bulky as some of the other game improvement irons on the market, the CG Gold’s are designed for the golfer looking for some forgiveness, a decent feel and a traditional look.


What Our Readers Say…


Some dislike the color while others praise these irons for their solid feel…


I’m not a fan of the colorful insert but these feel pretty good and are forgiving enough for me. I would give them my recommendation.


The inserts really help with forgiveness. I don’t need the extra color but I can live with it.


I am a huge Cleveland fan but just can’t get into the CG line. I would recommend the CG4 or CG7 irons over these.


A decent price, good feel and a high ball flight. I have hit more forgiving irons but most of them come with a lot of bulk.  


Overall Reader Rating – 65%


What Our Customers Say… 


Consider these a game improvement club for the mid handicapper. The market is filled with “super game improvement irons” and these definitely aren’t in that category. We’re starting to see more and more customers that want forgiveness with a somewhat traditional look… a tricky combination for companies to achieve. The CG Gold irons are an admirable entry into this category. 


Look – Some say this a strength while others claim it’s the CG Gold’s biggest downfall. People either love or hate the yellow inserts. These obviously serve a purpose but many golfers we talk to wish the color was a bit more muted. Some compare the look to a children’s club and find the inserts “cheapen” the iron’s overall look. The rest of the head is pleasing to the eye. The sole and top line are thin by game improvement standards and the offset is not obtrusive. We hear some people complain about the longer blade length but this shape is quickly becoming the norm in the game improvement world.


Ball Flight – The CG Gold irons feature a fairly low center of gravity which makes getting the ball in the air an easy feat. Cleveland’s Micro-Cavity technology helps lower the center of gravity without added bulk to the sole. The CG Gold also come stock with a flighted shaft. These are designed to get the longer irons higher and the shorter irons lower… a nice added feature. The offset helps keep the ball straight although there are better irons out there for the “extreme” slicer.


Forgiveness – We feel the CG Gold irons fall somewhere in the middle on this one. Put it this way… a poor ball striker would benefit more from the company’s HiBore irons and a really good ball striker would be better off with the CG Red irons.  The added mass from the Micro-Cavity technology is placed in a position where it can help with forgiveness and keep the club more stable on miss hits.


Feel – Probably the strongest category for the CG Gold irons. We don’t get too many complaints on the feel of these. The vibration dampening insert works really well and makes most shots feel sweet. Golfers really like that these feel good on miss hits but don’t feel too soft and “mushy” on well struck shots. Cleveland is one of the leaders in the vibration dampening department.


The CG Gold irons are a good option for the mid handicapper. Players looking for game improvement clubs often look at the HiBore (a very good “super” game improvement option) before they give these a try. Many decent players say they don’t notice enough of a difference between these and the CG Red irons… and opt for the sleeker Red irons instead. We feel like the CG Gold’s are like the irons that haven’t really found themselves. They don’t know if they want to be a game improvement club yet they are kind of interested in getting in with the low handicappers. The “looks” comments have to be mentioned as well. The yellow inserts are great for attracting initial attention but are also pretty good at convincing consumers to put the iron back on the rack. The CG Gold’s offer great feel on pretty much every shot thanks to the vibration dampening inserts. Cleveland should be commended on their efforts in that category. Mid handicappers should at least look at these but they may find themselves drawn to one of the CG Gold’s cousins instead. 


Overall Customer Rating – 63%


Overall Combined Rating – 64%   

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