Golf Warm Up Exercise

Do you want to avoid those early round blow up holes?  Then don't skip your golf warm up exercises. Being a golfer is a lot like being an athlete. Don't laugh!  Athletes would never go onto the playing field and expect to perform without warming up their body specific to the sport they are competing in.

Golfers are no different! I'll bet you can admit rushing to the course, running to the first tee, meaning you didn't warm up, and what was the end result?  Did you par the first few holes?  I'll bet not.

Usually you sacrifice the score on your first few holes and chalk it up to, you weren't loose yet!  The only problem with that is the extra 3 or 4 strokes you picked up on just the first couple of holes.

It doesn't have to be this way!  You can spend less than 5 minutes doing simple golf warm up exercises that will get you shooting par or BETTER on the first couple of holes!

I'm not talking about hacking golf balls. I'm talking about dynamic warm ups before you even hit a ball.  That's my definition of warming up.  After that, you most definitely need to hit a few balls to get your swing in the groove.

One simple exercise you can do as a warm up is the Squat/Arm Raise :

•    Feet shoulder width apart
•    Place club in front of you and hold with both hands for balance
•    Lower body by bending at the knees not hips and raise club at same time.
•    Raise back up and repeat 10 times
•    Keep upper body very erect

Benefit to Golf Swing:
•    Increase blood flow and circulation through out body
•    Great total body warm up to allow body to make a relaxed, comfortable first swing
•    Increase range of motion in hips encouraging a more synchronized swing from the ground up
You can even take the club over your head as you get warmed up which will really stretch your shoulders out.

This is just one of many simple golf warm up exercises in the Mike Pedersen Golf Fitness Manual.

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