Cobra FP Iron Review

Cobra is quickly becoming one of the leaders in the game improvement category. Most people see them as a pretty safe bet when searching for an easy to hit iron. The 2007 line (actually released in 2006) features 3 irons designed for different abilities. Consider the FP to be the middle one… not too big and bulky but big enough to provide some forgiveness.


What The Company Says…


Cobra touts these as the perfect blend of playability and forgiveness. The irons feature a mid-width sole and top line, a decent amount of perimeter weighting and enough offset to keep the ball straight. A urethane sole insert helps dampen unwanted vibration on miss hits.


Creating a club that balances forgiveness, looks and playability can be tricky but Cobra seems to have hit the mark here. The 3100I/H irons that came prior to these were a great iron but they lacked flash. People loved how they felt but I heard a few negative comments concerning the plain look. Cobra didn’t reinvent the wheel here… they just took a wheel, tweaked it with a bit more technology and gave it some serious shelf appeal.


The stock steel and graphite offerings are about par for the course compared to other competitors in the same category. I have found that a few better players have looked to custom shafts… I have talked to a few people that really like the Project X shafts in these. Cobra’s custom department is good and their affiliation with Titleist allows them to do pretty much any custom work a consumer needs.


What Our Readers Say…


Not really much of a surprise… our readers seem to like these ones…


A perfect mix of feel, looks and forgiveness. These feel good on bad shots and even better on good ones.


Pretty easy to hit. I like them more than the S9’s because they aren’t as bulky. They feel really solid on miss hits.


I am a low handicap but play these irons. I like having a bit of help when I’m not playing my best. I wasn’t a huge fan of the stock shafts but I found one that worked for me. A good value even with the extra shaft costs.


Overall Reader Rating – 84%


What Our Customers Say…


Cobra has carved out a good foothold in the “bang for the buck” category and people like these because they can get a recognizable brand name for a good price. Cobra seems to have all of their bases covered with their current line and the FP’s are the most popular of the bunch in our shop.


The FP’s hit the ball fairly high and most people don’t have a problem getting them up. Customers really like the solid feel that these provide… they make the majority of shots feel like good ones. It’s obvious that the extra shelf appeal has helped the FP’s and they really stand out amongst the many choices on the wall.


It’s not all perfect though. I think the bulk of the negative comments come from those on each end of the scale. You hear the “these are too bulky” comments from low handicappers and the “these aren’t forgiving enough” ones from the higher handicappers. There will never be one iron that will satisfy everyone. Even though these are a good blend of playability and forgiveness… they’re not for everyone. If you’re looking for soft feel and blade-like performance… look at something else. If you’re looking for the most forgiving iron out there… look elsewhere. If you want a good mix of playability and forgiveness… you’d be stupid not to try these.


Overall Customer Rating – 86%


Overall Combined Rating – 85%

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