Odds And Ends From The Golf World

Sorry for not having a post last night but both SirPuttsAlot and I got busy doing other things. Have no fear… we’re back today with some odds and ends that we’ve collected. You’ve been waiting over a day so let’s get to it!

Let’s first start with some website updates. The Titleist website now has all of their new products up for all to see. Our readers seem to be really jacked up over this new stuff and it has created a huge buzz on the internet. I’m really excited to see how the golfing public reacts to this new equipment once it makes it’s way into stores! We’ll be sure to pass along some early customer and reader reaction as we get it. Odyssey Golf has also been doing some updating and their site now features the new XG models that we talked about the other day. The centerpiece of these new additions has to be the #9… aka “Phil’s putter”.

Speaking of Titleist… there has been lots of speculation surrounding the possibility of a new golf ball or balls in the near future. I’ve been doing some asking around and it doesn’t look like there is anything coming down the golf ball pipeline anytime soon. I’m thinking that there could be a new ball or balls on the way but I wouldn’t expect to see anything prior to March. We’ll keep you updated!

PeakVision Sports has announced that they have added some special edition colors to their current line of eyewear. We’ve had the chance to try out the product and we loved them. The company has really expanded their line over the past year and they seem to have a style for everyone. They’ve also developed quite the following… both on the various professional tours and at your local course. Check out the PeakVision website for more details.

That’s all for today. SirPutts is hard at work replying to email and writing new reviews. Feel free to drop us a line with any questions you may have. Talk to you tomorrow!

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