Putting Pre-Shot Routine Drill

Golf is one of the few sports where you cannot stand directly on your line of play while shooting. For one, it is physically difficult to hit and stand on your line of play, but also, it is against the rules of golf. When you take a look a basketball free-throw, or billiards, the player’s eyes are very close to the intended line of the target. This will help your accuracy.

Pre shot routine drillThink of it this way, have you ever noticed someone’s feet aiming way to the right or left of the fairway and after asking them where they think they are aiming, their answer is ‘down the middle’? This proves that a down-the-line perspective can see the line better than someone standing perpendicular to their target line. Because it is against the rules to stand on your target line and hit; us golfers need to make the best of what we can. When putting, try to add this procedure into your routine. During your practice swings to develop some feel for the shot, look at the hole from down the line. This will greatly improve your feel and alignment. Give it a try!


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