Cleveland Powers Vijay To A Win

Hey everyone. Hope you enjoyed the first of many golf club reviews… we’ll have a few more this week and will pump out as many as we can before the snow flies again in the fall. Just a small Cleveland post tonight because I’m busy writing the next review.

Vijay Singh used a full arsenal of Cleveland clubs in his win over the weekend. Vijay used a Cleveland HiBore XL driver, Launcher steel fairways, CG1 irons, 900 Series wedges and a Never Compromise GM2 Exchange putter in his win. Watch for some new Cleveland irons on the horizon. The current line (aside from the new HiBore irons) has had a good run but most will agree that it’s time for something new. Not much info yet but we’ll keep you updated!

A question from a reader asking about reviews of Nicklaus equipment. Nicklaus is one company that we don’t carry in our shop and it makes it tough to review. I spent some time in the Nicklaus booth at the Orlando show and was actually very impressed. The company makes some good price point equipment and I think that’s where their real strength lies. They also have a premium selection that reminds me a lot of the Orlimar line. Nicklaus has always been a tricky one for me… they have such a recognizable name but have never been able to really take off. Their quality seems to be pretty good but it’s tough to compete with the “big boys” without a “big boys” budget. We’d love to get some feedback on Nicklaus clubs so drop us a line!

Speaking of reviews… SirPutts and I have decided to hold off on our Nike SUMO2 driver review until the whole situation around the club calms down. Not much point in reviewing a club that is getting pulled from the shelves. Nike is in a tough spot but I’m pretty confident that they’ll pull through.

That’s all for now… short, sweet and to the point. Watch for the Cobra FP review in the next few days. Talk to you later!

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