Titleist And Cobra – What’s To Come

Good afternoon everyone and thanks for dropping by! Ms. ShanksAlot and I are just dying here in my hot apartment so this will be a quick post. We need to go find a cool place with even cooler drinks! We’ve got some information on new Titleist and Cobra products so let’s get to it!

There isn’t a lot of info on some of these yet but we’ll be sure to post more as we get it!

Titleist 585H utility metal – Aug 15 – The company’s newest hybrid offering… looks more like a “traditional” hybrid. The boys at Golfwrx have lots of pictures!

Titleist PT 906F2 fairway metals – Aug 15 – These have been talked about for a while and people are really excited for their release. Many people that I’ve talked to think these could really take the Titleist fairway business to a whole new level! Again… check out Golfwrx for pictures.

Titleist 755 irons – Aug 15th – No real surprise here. They’ll kind of replace the current 704 irons. Golfwrx can help you with pictures!

King Cobra S9, King Cobra FP and King Cobra Carbon CB irons – Sept 1 – We don’t really have too much info here but this would explain the recent Cobra iron price drop! We’ll keep digging here.

King Cobra Baffler DWS and Baffler Pro hybrids – Sept 1 – Again… not a ton of info yet but it’s not a huge surprise that the current Baffler is on the way out. The current club is an awesome club for the price!

Scotty Cameron Detour putter – August – We’ve talked a lot about this putter and it will be available next month.

That’s all for now… we’ll pass along more info as we get it! Have a great night and we’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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