New Adams Clubs On The Way

So we’re starting to figure out whats wrong with the site. Our hosting company sent us a long, technical and wordy email detailing our problem… and we’ve now sent it to our computer guy in hopes he will translate it into plain english. I’d love to see the site back to normal next week but we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves! Some cool news from Adams Golf so let’s get to it!

We’ve been talking a lot about Adams lately… they’ve got some serious momentum right now and are poised to jump into the “players” category. Details on what might be coming have been sketchy but we’re starting to get a few answers. The company will release an Idea Pro hybrid and an Idea Pro forged iron later in the year. Head over to Golfwrx and check out some of the pics! I’ll see what else I can dig up here.

Speaking of Golfwrx… the guys have some great pictures of the new Ping Rapture irons and driver. It looks like we could see these in the fall. There isn’t a ton of info on them yet but the driver does feature a 460CC head and a composite crown.

Let’s do an email too… we got an email from a reader that has narrowed his driver search down to two clubs… the TaylorMade R5 Dual and the Callaway Big Bertha 454. This is a tough one… both a re very quality clubs and both can be found for a very good price! Let’s break it down a bit based on feedback we have from our readers and our customers!

Forgiveness – Very close… a slight edge to the TaylorMade but it’s almost too close to call!
Stock Shaft – A bit easier… most of my customers prefer the TaylorMade here
Ball Height – The TaylorMade’s weight ports keep the center of gravity pretty low and most agree it hits the ball higher. A good thing or a bad thing? That’s for you to decide!
Price – Both have dropped in price… might be a good time to add an upgraded shaft!
Sound – Some people care about this… and most say they like the sound of the Callaway better
Overall – You’ll need to try both on the range to really see which works best for you. The 454 happens to be my pick (and my current driver) but the TaylorMade was the best selling driver in our shop last year. Bottom line… you’re really comparing apples and apples here… try both and see. You’re getting a great club either way! Thanks for the email!

Ok… enough for today. We’re working on some new and exciting info for tomorrow… hopefully we’ll have some news on new Innovex clubs and maybe some more info on new Adams product! Talk to you tomorrow.

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