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Hey everyone and thanks for dropping by! No real flow to today’s post… I think I’ll just write stuff as I remember it! And… we’re off!

We’ve talked a bit about Trion:Z in the past and the bracelets are gaining a ton of momentum this season. It’s not at all uncommon to see players on all of the major tours sporting Trion:Z products and all reviews that I’ve read are very positive! Suffering from aches and pains? Feeing tired? Swing over to the Trion:Z website and give one a try! SirPutts and I have been meaning to get a couple of these to try and we keep forgetting… we’ll order a few and let you know what we think!

We’ve also talked a lot about the Grafalloy ProLaunch… it could be one of the best shaft upgrades out there for the average player. The shaft enjoyed some success over the weekend when it won the U.S. Senior Open. The ProLaunch is available as an upgrade from basically all of the big manufactures and it’s worth a look.

The Adams a2 Tour irons have been a popular topic of conversation among internet golf people this year. The big debate centered around the idea of these irons coming to retail. It looks like we’ll never see these in any volume at a retail level but Adams has told us that they will be available to select individuals and accounts next year. We’ll start seeing a bit of a shift from Adams in the coming months as the company begins to release certain lines targeted at the better player. Adams’ tour-based engineering is starting to turn a lot of heads and the company hopes they can capitalize on the buzz! One thing we won’t see at retail… the Adams 5050 fairway (we’ve had a few questions about it). This was a tour prototype and the company has no plans on making it public.

Thanks to all of our readers that have written in to let us know that many online retailers have slashed their Cobra iron prices. These things are an absolute steal right now! Looks like we’ll see some new Cobra irons in the fall and they should follow Cobra’s game improvement line of thinking… despite the company’s recent success on Tour. Cobra has got themselves a bit of a problem (although it is a good problem)… do they expand their line to include more “player’s clubs” and capitalize on their Tour success or do they stay the course and focus on game improvement? Sounds like they have no plans on offering forged irons (like the ones their Tour players use) at this time.

Staying with Acushnet… watch for some new Titleist products next month. We’ve talked lots about the 755 irons and the Scotty Cameron Detour (xperimental) putter and they should be available in August. My Titleist guy also mentioned they’ll be joined by a new fairway (906) and a new hybrid (585.h). Lots for our Titleist fans to look forward to!

I think that’s all for now. I’m still nursing my sunburnt arms and legs and I’m hoping a cold bath will help. Thanks for all of the “welcome back” email… you guys really missed us! See you tomorrow….

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