Callaway Fusion FT-i Driver Review

The Callaway Fusion FT-i is one of the most talked about clubs on the market right now. The company was one of a handful that turned their attention to the idea of a square driver. The FT-i is a combination of Callaway’s Fusion technology and a new high MOI design.


What The Company Says…


I think we all know the basics behind carbon composite construction. Less weight on the crown means more weight available to move around and alter how the club works. The previous FT-3 driver really set the stage for the FT-i… it introduced us to the idea of preset weight configurations and how they are achieved using carbon material.


The whole idea behind the shape of this driver is stability. Unfortunately, we don’t hit the club exactly where we want it every time. Shots struck on different areas of the club face result in totally different shots. Callaway has set out to create a club that produces more consistent shots no matter where the ball and face meet. Callaway has really improved their stock shafts over the years and the Fujikura shafts used in the FT-i are more than enough for the average golfer.


What Our Readers Say…


Reader response has been fairly positive. Here are some comments…


I actually like the shape and sound. For a square driver, I think that it looks better then the Sumo2. The Sumo2 looks like a shoe box on a stick and sounded like a shotgun going off. The FT-i is a lot more pleasing to the eye.


I could put a little more mustard on the ball because it felt VERY stable through impact, and it has very good balance. I like the shaft, I had never tried a 562 speeder before, good trajectory, good sound.


We sell more FT-i drivers in my shop than the Nike SUMO2. I think people are warming up to these different clubs but it might take a while for them to really become mainstream. A good club but not a great club as far as I’m concerned.


Overall Reader Rating – 70%


What Our Customers Say…


The FT-i falls into an interesting category. It seems that the only club that people compare it to is the other big square driver… the Nike SUMO2. This makes it a bit difficult to get a true reading on it but let’s just say there have been more positive comments than negative ones. The FT-3 is a decent looking driver and we hear a lot of the “it looks pretty good for a square driver” comments.


There is no doubt that the FT-i is loaded with technology and our customers find it works to their advantage. The composite crown, the square head and the different weight configurations help make this one of the straightest drivers on the market today. The sound and feel are about par for the course in today’s market. The stock shaft options are great and the addition of a Tour version appeals to the better player.


The two biggest knocks we hear… some people don’t like the look and most dislike the price. I think the look comment is expected… not everyone is jumping on the square bandwagon. There are a lot of non-square, high MOI options out there for these people. I agree with the price comments. The FT-i is on the higher side of the driver range and I’ve seen people walk away from it when they hear the price. Sure there is a lot of really good technology present but most golfers that we’ve talked to have a budget that doesn’t allow for the FT-i.


Overall Customer Rating – 74%


Overall Combined Rating – 72%

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