Swing Path Corrector Drill

The path the club takes into the ball will determine the line the ball will take off from, whether that is towards your target or not. The club’s path into impact is extremely important. Depending on where it comes from, your club’s path can hit a pull, a straight shot or a push. That’s a 50-yard difference between shots.

Club path is an extremely important swing concept to understand, if you need further explanation, please visit my Swing Path Page and Ball Flight Laws Page.


Path corrector Fix


Now, to move on, this drill, I am about to teach you is effective at first off, teaching you what type of swing path you have; either out-to-in, square or in-to-out and secondly gives you positive feedback when you do make a swing on a correct path. This drill can be used for chipping and pitching if say you have a tendency to shank it (usually an out-to-in swing path). It can be used for irons, drivers, and even the putter. It is totally universal throughout your bag.


Path corrector Drill


The drill itself is simple. Grab two tees as shown and stick them into the ground at angle. Have enough room between them so they club can easily pass through them on the backswing. Set up a ball about 8″ ahead of the tees, as shown, and hit some balls. If you hit the inside tee at impact, your swing path is in-to-out, and conversely, if you hit the outside tee, your swing is out-to-in. If you can hit the ball consistently without hitting the tees, you can be sure you swing path is pretty darn close to ideal.

Give it a try, and straighten out your swing!

For pictures regarding this drill, visit The Golf Drill Guru.

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