The Truth About Swing Plane

Do you remember that classic picture of Ben Hogan with a plate of glass resting on his shoulders?

That picture was designed to give golfers, like you a visual understand of what the swing plane is. To be completely honest, it’s not something you really need to stress yourself over.

This is because there is a lot of variance in the position of swing plane from player to player. It will change based on your height, weight, distance you stand from the ball, club length and the list goes on. So this means there isn’t one ‘right’ swing plane to have. The important thing to remember about the swing plane is what I like to call the “Consistency Triangle”. If you can get your swing in it you’ll be giving yourself the best chance at consistent results. In the picture to the right, my swing plane is drawn in blue, where the “Consistency Triangle” is shown in yellow. As long as your club is pointing in the general direction of the ball in your halfway back position, your plane is doing okay.

Use a mirror to check your clubs position; ideally it should be pointing directly at the ball as shown in the picture. This will maximize your chances of being on the correct plane into impact. 

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