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Hello everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the U.S. Open and all that the 18th hole had to offer. It turned into a bit of a circus at the end but it’s awesome to see someone new win a Major. We’ll talk more about Cobra Golf’s huge win in the coming days but I just wanted to chat a bit about some of the feedback we got over our Wilson Golf post on June 6th.

I first want to thank all of our readers both here and at Golfwrx for taking the time to discuss their thoughts on Wilson Golf. We found many of your comments very interesting and I’d love to do this type of thing again… obviously talking about another company next time.

We basically asked everyone about what they thought of Wilson Golf… what they thought of the product, what they thought of their Tour players and why they lack “buzz”. There were a few points that really seemed to stick out in your feedback…

Overall… People Seem To Really Like Wilson Products

We saw very few negative comments concerning the quality of the Wilson Staff line. I think we had comments on almost all areas of the line too… from irons to balls and from woods to wedges. Many people just seemed to need a bit of the kick in the behind before trying Wilson stuff. Some stopped by a local demo day and Wilson just happened to be there. Others took the advice of a golf pro or retail salesperson. A few people even seemed to try them by mistake and ended up loving what the company had to offer. It just seemed that the product had to be pushed at the consumer… very few people went out of their way to find it on their own.

Wilson Lacks A Solid Tour Stable

Almost everyone agreed that Wilson lacks that “big” name on Tour… the person that will get others talking and get the Wilson logo on T.V. Sure Padraig is a cool guy and a great player but people (especially North Americans) don’t get too excited about him. One reader on Golfwrx mentioned the idea of a “youth movement”… kind of like the way Cobra Golf went about finding their Tour players. It’s paying off huge for Cobra… but you almost need to find the next big player by fluke.

Our Readers Like The Idea Of An “Asian – Inspired” Tech Side

Technology sells. Wilson tends to fall on the more conservative side of things… besides Nano (which is a great technology) they don’t really ever lead the way in technological advances. I had floated the idea of a more technical line as a complement to the traditional Staff line… kind of like an Exotics/Tour Edge relationship. Our readers really took to this idea and many even said they’d buy something from this new line.

Overall… the response to our Wilson question was very positive. I think I can count negative comments on one hand. Many people still love the Wilson name from years ago but their lack of advertising and good products (until very recently) didn’t give much people any hope. Wilson is on the right track… I just think some wish the train would speed up a bit…

That’s all for now. I need to apologize for the lack of posts lately. We’ve had all sorts of server problems and it seems that the site is down more than it is up. We’ll give our hosting company a bit more time but we might have to look at finding a new host. I also spent most of last week in Montreal.. a very cool city. The internet access at the hotel didn’t want to work with my computer and it made it tough to even check email. No internet access, a problem with my bank card, a late flight and a couple of hangovers… but I’d go back to Montreal in a second! Hello to all of our readers in that city… I know we have a lot there!

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