Stable Spine Angle Drill – Stop Hitting it Thin or Fat

A stable base of support is needed in order to hit the ball with consistency. Yes, it’s true moving up and down during your swing is not helping you hit the ball straighter! The most common fault I see in golfers who do not have a stable lower body is too much knee flex. Ideally, you want your knees to be unlocked, not bent.Bend your knees and keep your head down honey!

Sounds familiar? It’s the most classic husband to wife quote about how to hit a golf ball. I’m happy to say to all my women readers out there, your husband is wrong!

Bending your knees excessively promotes an unstable lower-body. With all your bouncing up and down during your swing, what is the chance you will bob-your-way to a perfect impact position? Not likely.

Stand taller, and work on keeping rather still with your lower-body. This will promote a stronger, more powerful swinging motion by giving your upper-body the support it needs to swing harder. Also, as long as your spine angle stays the same throughout your swing, you will always make solid contact with the ball.

Try out this great drill to help improve the stability of your lower body.Stable spine drill tips thin fat fix

The Drill:

Set up normally on the range, but have a friend place a club so the grip leans against your back pants pocket. Swing, but focus on keeping the club from falling. If you can do this, you can be sure your lower-body is stable throughout your swing. With practice you can develop a swing that is as consistent as scratch golfers. Give it a try!

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