Ball Sweep Drill – Cure your Pull and Pop-Ups

There is one major difference between the proper swing for a driver, and for an iron. That difference is the angle of attack. The angle of attack refers to the angle at which the club is coming at the ball into impact. For irons this angle should be steeper, as to help get the ball into the air with lots of spin. With the driver however, the angle of attack should be very shallow, as the club is designed to sweep the ball off a tee.You should never make a divot with your driver….. Ever! Ball Sweep cure pop-ups skying pull
Here’s a question for you, do you have sky marks on the top of your driver? Is there dirt on your driver clubface? If so, I’ll bet $100 you pull it too. The reason? You’re coming over the top. The dreaded over-the-top move creates a steeper angle of attack, and thus makes hitting a driver difficult.

The Drill:

Try this drill out that helps to shallow your angle of attack and reduce your over the top move. Set up normally to a teed up golf ball, before swinging have a friend place another golf ball on the opposite side of your teed ball. Swing back focusing on sweeping the second ball straight back along your target line for as long as possible before completing your backswing and hitting your shot.


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  1. No, that is exactly OPPOSITE of what you should do to “cure” the pop-ups. Tee the ball a little higher and keep your head behind the ball throughout the swing. That will cure it quickly.

  2. If you keep doing what Guest said, you will start topping your iron shots. This is a temp fix. Pushing the ball away as mentioned in this tip is a good drill. Another drill that is good to try is to swing the club like a baseball bat three of four feet above the ball to shallow out the swing and then hit the tee shot. Works good.

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