Pinnacle Golf Goes Platinum

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Pinnacle has announced the release of a few new products so we thought we'd quickly run through them!

Pinnacle Platinum Feel – a softer entry into the "better player" value category. This will be a nice complement to the Pinnacle Gold line and offers better players another option when looking for a new ball. 

Pinnacle Platinum Distance – the compliment to the Platinum Feel. Offers longer distance and lower spin. Both Platinum products will come in at a slightly higher price point than the Pinnacle Gold line. 

Pinnacle Gold FX Soft – a continuation in the "Gold" line… features lots of distance, a lower compression and a cut-proof cover. The Surlyn cover helps keep the ball soft. 

Pinnacle Gold FX Long – The longest Pinnacle ball to date. Pinnacle calls it "the longest conforming product available."

The company has also announced a new ladies "Pinnacle Ribbon" ball that will be available in both pink and white. Watch for these new golf balls in the very near future!  

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