Strength Exercises For Golf

Strength Exercises For Golf Produce Longer Drives

Golfers have long said that strength exercises will hurt their game. Well…how do you think Tiger's doing these days, or the past 10 years he's been on tour? Do I need to say anymore? There are rare acceptions to this, but the top players on tour are all doing strength exercises for golf in order to stay competitive with the likes of Tiger.

What you need to realize is you don't need a gym, nor do you need fancy expensive equipment. You can do your golf strength program right in your home, with very inexpensive equipment you can get at your local Target store. So using those excuses won't work! You can do it starting today!

Please make sure to implement a program that is truly a golf specific one and not a general one that may hurt your game not help it.

Take a look at these pictures.


See how simple the exercises are and how I'm using minimal equipment? I can assure
you exercises like these will definitely help your swing!

If you want a shortcut to longer drives, focus on your core. The middle part of your body. Get it as strong as you can from a rotational standpoint. Do this and you will add a quick 10-15 yards on your drives…no kidding!

If you're looking for a step-by-step golf strength (and stretching) resource full of proven golf specific programs, you'll want to take a look at Mike Pedersen's best selling Golf Exercise Manual at today!

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