Titleist 755 Iron Review

Most will agree that the current Titleist iron line is one of the strongest in years. The company has a wide variety of irons to fit a variety of players. Consider the 755 iron a "tweener"… it's not a blade for the low handicapper and it's not a bulky cavity iron for the high handicapper. The 755 appeals to those players in that 8-15 handicap range. These golfers are looking for a club that is pleasing to the eye and features a soft feel with a good blend of forgiveness and performance. 


What Our Readers Say…


Most agree that this is one of the better mid handicap options on the market…


This is a pretty decent cavity back. I am happy with my purchase. 


Not as soft as a blade but a great iron for my game. I am a 11 handicap and these are exactly what I wanted. They are forgiving enough to take care of my bad shots but they still look nice.


I don't know if I really like the red thing at the back but it's still a very good club. A huge improvement over my 704 irons.


I don't feel too much vibration on poorly struck shots. The technology seems to do what it is suppose to do. The ball flight is actually fairly high but I can still control it.


Overall Reader Rating – 72%


What Our Customers Say… 


Mid handicappers really enjoy this club. Titleist has been making clubs for the mid to low handicap for years so they have a pretty good idea of what these players are looking for…


Look – The 755 is a nice club to look down at. The top line and sole are fairly thin and the traditional lines make it easy on the eye. The cavity features heel/toe weighting… designed to help the club on miss hits. The red aluminum chip in the middle for the aforementioned weighting helps dampen unwanted vibration. Some customers really dislike the look of this chip… it may be a minor point but some people won't bother with a club if they don't like the cosmetics. The 755's feature some offset but not enough to be a distraction.


Ball Flight – It would only make sense that a "tweener" iron has a "tweener" ball flight. The 755 produces a mid-high ball flight… a good height for most mid handicappers. The additional heel/toe weighting helps lower the center of gravity but the thin sole prevents the center of gravity from getting too low. The stock TriSpec steel shafts help keep the ball at an acceptable height. You shouldn't have a problem ballooning these irons and they're versatile enough to allow for a controlled knock down when needed.


Forgiveness – This is one area where the 755's are fairly strong. The trick in making a good "tweener" is getting the right balance between traditional look, forgiveness and performance. The 755 is more than adequate in the forgiveness department. A decent ball striker will have no problems with these and they'll handle most miss hits well. They're obviously not as forgiving as the bulkier, wide soled options on the market but they're not suppose to be. Titleist was able to design the 755 with a very thin face… less material in the face means more material around the perimeter. More material around the perimeter means more forgiveness. The aluminum chip aids in vibration dampening and it helps give the iron an even better feel when struck poorly.


Feel – The idea of a forged stainless steel construction isn't new with Titleist. The past few models have been made the same and we hear mixed results. Forged stainless clubs won't be as soft as some of the other irons on the market but most find them to be decent. Most mid handicappers that I talk to are more concerned with working the ball and hitting flush shots than worrying about not having the softest irons on the market. The 755's offer a crisp sound and feel when hit properly.


Most will agree that these are some of the better "tweener" irons on the market. The stock shaft option is average and Titleist offers numerous other choices. There really aren’t any glaring negatives with these… it’s one of those “good at most things but not amazing at anything” type scenarios. What the Titleist 755 irons lack in feel… they make up in forgiveness and looks. The 755's combine decent feel and forgiveness with a traditional look. What more could a mid handicapper want?


Overall Customer Rating – 76%


Overall Combined Rating – 74%   

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