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Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. We're preparing to announce our 2007 Golf Company Of The Year on Thursday and will use tonight to answer a fairly common reader email. Let's get to it!

I would love to spend the money and get a brand name set but I can't. I know that you have talked about other companies in the past and I was wondering if you could recommend a company that offers customers like me with some good value. 

We get this question a lot. Everyone would love to have a bag full of brand name equipment but sometimes the old wallet gets in the way. There are lots of good "value" options out there… companies that offer good equipment at a fair price. Some of these companies offer "knock-offs" of more expensive clubs but we prefer the ones that actually research and create their own unique designs. 

We get a lot of positive feedback in regards to G.R.I.P. Golf. G.R.I.P. has really expanded their line over the past few years and now the company offers a full range of game improvement equipment. The company website features an online store and always seems to have some good specials on the go. Their equipment gets positive reviews from our readers and it's targeted at those players looking for "bang for the buck". We also talked about their trade in program last week and it looks like it's up and running now.  

The guys are G.R.I.P. are great to deal with and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Swing over and check out the G.R.I.P. website for more details. Thanks for the email!

We'll be back tomorrow with our Golf Company Of The Year award so be sure to check that out. Keep the emails coming!

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