Nike Golf Hopes For Some Good Karma

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. I've been out for most of the night watching SirShanksAlot Jr at football practice but I've got a few odds and ends to pass along. Let's get to it!

Nike Golf has introduced their new Karma golf ball that will debut on November 1st. The Karma is the lowest compression golf ball that the company has ever produced. Targeted at golfers with lower swing speeds, the Karma offers a 2-piece construction and 312 dimples. The extreme low compression craze is catching on… Wilson introduced their Fifty ball earlier in the year. 

Let's go to the mailbag for a question…

I am still playing with my original irons and I want to upgrade. I still don't play enough to spend alot. I have a chance to purchase a demo set of Orlimar zx-p's for $150. If I do anything, I probably slice not hook, but fairly straight. I am concerned that these clubs might have an adverse effect on my already tenuous game. Is the correction slight enough to not dramatically change things?

It is tough to say how a new set will compare without knowing what you currently use. Having said that, most players generally don't have problems with hooking oversize irons. The wider sole and increased offset will help you make more consistently solid contact and give you a higher ballflight.

There is a chance that the increased offset could result in some hooks but for most players this isn't an issue. As with any new golf club the best judge is you. Make sure you have a chance to hit these clubs before you buy them so you can be sure they will work for your game.

SirShanksAlot Adds… I really don't think you'll have an issue with more offset. I'd be a bit concerned if you said you played a pretty steady draw… a large amount of offset might yank the ball too much then. Many players have a few different swings making it tough to produce one constant ball flight every time. A club with more offset will probably help with consistency. Like SirPutts says… be sure to hit them first. A quick trip to the range will probabaly answer your question.

Thanks for your email… feel free to drop us a line with any questions you have. We'll talk to you tomorrow!

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