Stretching For Power Golf

Implementing stretching exercises to improve your power in golf is easier than you think…and it won’t kill you either!  What I mean by that is the time, effort and strain you’ll put in is minimal if you have a targeted, golf-specific stretching program that improves your golf swing flexibility for higher clubhead speed and maximum distance.

How do you know if you’re doing a golf-specific stretching program?  By looking at each and every stretch to see if it mimics a certain aspect or phase of your golf swing.  If someone were to walk by you and see you stretching, they should quite easily be able to tell you are stretching for golf.  If not, you are doing “general stretching” that may in fact hurt your swing, not help it!

For example, the backswing.  Take a look at the picture where I’m doing a simple “on course” stretch to keep my backswing muscles loose and ready to fire for the very next golf swing.  You can easily see how it looks similar to my backswing, and that the muscles I’m targeting are muscles specifically for my backswing.  This stretch done several times on the course can help you hit your drives as long on the last tee as you do in the first tee.

Just make sure to hold that stretch for 10-15 seconds max and then give your arms a good shake to get the blood flowing before your next swing.  Do this one simple stretch and you’ll soon become a believer in golf stretching and how it can add more power, distance and consistency to your golf swing!

This is one of dozens of simple golf stretches in Mike Pedersen’s Golf Stretching Book , that’s available for immediate download in minutes!

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