Feel & Distance Control Drill – Cure your Chipping Woes

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Players with poor hand-eye coordination have a tough time judging distance control for their short shots round the greens. Having good hand-eye coordination is a route fundamental for all players. It takes time to develop a feel for how far a ball will fly and roll based on how hard you swing at it. Improving you hand-eye coordination will help you improve your feel and lower scores, this drill can help.

Get into your normal chipping position, and aim to a target about thirty feet away. Now, instead of looking at the ball, turn your head and focus on the hole you are chipping to, as the picture shows. Keep your eyes focused on the hole, and then make a smooth chipping stroke. Hit about five to ten shots from the same spot, and focus on the “feel” of the shot needed to get the ball to the hole. Also focus on how much the ball rolls, and how far it flies to reach the hole. Next, go back to keeping your eye on the ball, and hit the same number of shots from the same place. You will definitely notice a difference in your ability to judge distances. Give it a try!


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