A Look At Some Popular Accessories

Another post at the end of your weekend! We get lots of email asking for our opinions on various accessories. The market seems to be saturated with little gadgets and products… all promising to make the average golfer better. We thought we’d take today to have a look at some of the more popular accessories out there…

Brush-t’s – These have probably been one of the most popular accessories over the past few years. The concept is simple… the tee is made like a brush and won’t break. There is a lot of science behind these but my customers seem to like them for two reasons… they don’t break and they allow the golfer to tee it up at the same height every time. A lot of golfers could care less about resistance off the tee or improving their impact dispersion rate but Brush-t’s can help there too. These are now offered in 4 different sizes and conform to both USGA and R&A rules. Pick some up… they’re worth a try!

Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer – This is one accessory that I’ve actually used. I try to avoid the really hot days but every now and then I feel a need to go and play golf on a very hot day. Gorilla Gold is a powder that is applied through the use of a cloth. The product repels moisture… either sweat or rain… and helps give you a better grip on your club. I really like that the powder doesn’t stick around and build up on your grips… you won’t notice it next time you play. Nothing worse than having a very tacky club when you don’t need it! This one gets my approval… now if I could just stop playing on those hot days.

The BirdieBall – They advertise the BirdieBall as a training aid but basically it is a limited flight practice ball. The great thing about the BirdieBall is that it feels very similar to a real golf ball at impact and spins like a real golf ball. You can actually see the ball hooking or slicing just like a real ball would. The BirdieBall flies up to 40 yards so you can practice with it just about anywhere. A special strike pad is also available to simulate taking a divot without destroying your back yard.

The almostGOLF Ball – This product is similar to the BirdieBall except that it actually looks like a real golf ball. The almostGOLF Ball is also a limited flight ball designed to spin just like a real golf ball. The almostGOLF Ball is soft enough that it won’t break anything so it is a great practice tool around the house and is great for chipping as well.

Both the BirdieBall and almostGOLF Ball have won awards for their innovative designs and are far superior practice aids to whiffle or foam balls.

So there you have it. A brief overview of some of the more popular accessories on the market. We’ll try and do more of these from time to time so stay tuned. If you are interested in checking out these or any other accessories head over to the Savvy Golfer. They seem to have everything and their prices are quite good. Talk to you later!

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