Don’t Leave It Short Drill – Improve your Putting

100 % of putts left short, don’t go in.

Heard this saying before? It seems rather obvious; if you give your putts enough speed to get to the hole you have a much better chance of them going in. So why do we leave putts short? After working a bit on this drill, I promise you, you will not have problems getting the ball to the hole in the future.

Grab a large bucket of balls and head out to a putting green (about 60 golf balls). Find a relatively straight ten to fifteen foot putt. Stick a club about a foot behind the hole. Now you’re all set, here’s the game:

– 5pts if you make the putt
– 1pt if you putt the ball past the hole, or hit the shaft.
– 10pts if you if you putt the ball so hard it jumps the shaft
– 25 pts if you leave the putt short.

This drill will really help you focus on speed control. Being short on putts like this is not an option; force yourself to get the ball past the hole. Try this drill, and then beat your previous score, by the end of it 15 footers will look like gimme’s. Give it a try!

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