The Price Is Right – Innovex Reacts To Price Adjustment

Hello everyone. It’s Monday… most of you probably hate it but it’s my day off so I’m actually enjoying it! Sorry for the lack of a Sunday update… yesterday was the first real warm spring day we’ve had and I just had to spend the day outside. We’ll have a couple of posts for you today so be sure to check back later as well.

A few weeks ago we talked a bit about Innovex Golf and their recent price increases. It’s never fun to see prices go up but sometimes a company needs to do what’s best to keep things running smooth. We’ve now learned that Innovex is set to drop their prices back down. Innovex had considered taking their company to the “next level”… taking their clubs to the Tour, using more national advertising… things that cost money. These steps started to take the company in a direction that President Kevin Downey didn’t want to go. Innovex has been built on the idea of offering quality golf equipment without the high prices. These new higher prices puzzled many Innovex customers and numerous emails and phone calls prompted Downey to buy out all other investors and basically right the ship.

Innovex is back on track… back to offering high quality original designs (all assembled in America) at great prices. These clubs are available via the Innovex website, the company’s toll free number and select retailers and club builders. The new lower prices will be up on the Innovex website soon so be sure to swing over there and have a look.

I’ll be back this afternoon with another update so be sure to check back then. We’ve got lots of email in the Inbox right now so I think I’ll work on some of those. Talk to you soon!

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