Monday’s All TaylorMade Post

Hey everyone and welcome to my second post of the day. I’ve got some TaylorMade odds and ends to get to so I thought I’d just group them all into one big TaylorMade post. We’ve got news on the new TaylorMade Golf ball, some Adidas stuff (the same company as TaylorMade) and my initial impressions of the new TaylorMade RAC TP MB. Let’s get to it!

First up… the golf balls that everyone have been talking about… the new TaylorMade TP Red and TP Black. These golf balls were introduced to TaylorMade reps and select media yesterday and will make their way into stores on May 19th. I won’t get too technical but here’s an overview…

TaylorMade TP Black – Designed with a thicker mantle layer that produces a higher launch angle and less spin off the driver. Consider this one the “distance” one of the two. Currently played by Justin Rose and J.L. Lewis.

TaylorMade TP Red – Designed with a thinner mantle layer that produces a low launch angle and a slightly softer sound and feel. Currently played by players like Sergio Garcia, Hale Irwin and Chris Perry.

Both of these new balls offer a three-piece construction and a new pentangular di-pyramid dimple design. These new dimples help keep the ball in the air longer… thus creating more distance. They also help the ball stay stable in the wind. These balls promise to give the Titleist Pro V1 a run and they should cause a real stir next month. Want more information? Check out The Sandtrap website for more details.

Be sure to watch for some colorful Adidas shoes at the Masters. Adidas has created a line of Limited Edition Tour 360 shoes in some pretty unique colors. The Tour 360 has done really well at my shop this year and it’s worth a look. Watch for the white/green/gold 360 at the Masters this week and three other color combinations May 1st. Check out the Adidas Golf website for more details and pictures.

I had a chance to hit the new TaylorMade RAC TP MB the other day. This club looks great but it’s not for everyone… it’s blade design makes it a tough one to hit. You’ll see these in stores soon but most golfers are probably better off just looking at them and moving on to something more forgiving. The MB feels really good and looks even better. It’s not an overly forgiving club but it’s not suppose to be. I think some customers might consider making a combo set out of the new MB and the current CB… something to consider.

Ok so this isn’t a 100% TaylorMade post… one of our readers has designed a really cool (and free) online handicapping system. Head over to Digital Divot and be sure to sign up. I’m going to give it a shot this year and see if the ol’game is still in shape. That’s all for now… thanks for the emails and support. Have a great night and we’ll talk to you soon!

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