Forget the Hole Short Game Drill

When it comes down to it, the hole is only four and a quarter inches wide. Considering the average par 4 is about 390 yards or 14,400 inches long, getting it into the hole in four shots is quite the feat, especially into such a small target. One thing I like to stress when teaching golf, is for my students to make their practice sessions as fun, easy and rewarding as possible. Success and confidence are a huge benefit for all golfers. With it the impossible seems reachable and if you’re smart about your practice sessions, you too can make it apart of your game.

A very simple drill I have my students do when working on their lag putting or bump and run chip shots is this: I have them use a folded towel as their target. You know, you may say this is pointless, and also contradictory to The Dime Drill, which involves aiming for a smaller target. But think about it for a second… especially for players starting the game. Making it easier to achieve their goals increases their confidence. Trust me… it will help your game too. Next time you’re out practicing your chipping or putting, forget the hole, use a towel or a range bucket and focus on hitting that target instead. Make a game out of it, have fun, enjoy yourself. I can assure you, you’re confidence will skyrocket. Watch your scores plummet. Give it a try!

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