TaylorMade Adds New Mezza Monza

Hi everyone and thanks for checking us out today. I don’t have a lot of time so we’ll have to make this one quick. I’ll be back again tomorrow with more and I think we’ll probably even have a post on Good Friday. Let’s get going!

I had a chance to see the new TaylorMade golf balls today. The one thing that really caught my eye was the packaging. Like it or not… a golf ball’s package can make it or break it. Companies all try to make their boxes stand out from the rest and I think people will really notice these ones. Inventory might be a bit tricky on these at first… my rep was telling us that it takes almost 20mins to make each ball. I know our store will be receiving very limited quantities at first until the company can build up some stock. I should have some samples pretty soon and I’ll let you know what I think.

Kevin and the folks over at Innovex Golf have come up with a neat promotion to get people to try their CFD driver. The “CFD Challenge” offers golfers the chance to try the CFD and people can return it for a full refund if they don’t like it. The promotion ends April 30th so you’ll need to act fast. This driver is really good… you probably won’t be sending it back. Check out the Innovex Golf website for more details.

Ashton Golf has announced that their new E3 driver has gone into production and retailers can expect initial shipments starting in May. An E3 prototype driver was shown at the Orlando PGA Show in January and people loved it. The club features “Micro Spec Technology”… this basically means that it’s a product of three different titanium pieces that are robotically assembled. The company claims that the E3 is the most expensive component head ever produced… it will sell for around $300 USD. We’ve actually had a few emails about this club and you can head over to Ashton Golf for more details.

TaylorMade Golf has introduced a new Mezza Monza putter featuring AGSI. AGSI is proving to be a very popular anti-skip technology and this new putter should do very well. I liked the original Mezza Monza… it felt good and it was a decent size. Today’s putters seem to be getting bigger and bigger but the Mezza Monza proves that MOI putters don’t need to be huge to be effective. The Mezza Monza AGSI is available now so watch for it in a store near you.

That’s all for today… thanks for all of the email. I’m going to be on my own for a few weeks while SirPutts heads off on his honeymoon but I’ll do my best to answer everyone… either in a post of via email. Talk to you tomorrow!

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