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The mailbag is filling up and I think it’s time to answer a few of your emails. I’ll take care of a few of them tonight and I might even continue with the answers tomorrow. I’ve got a golf club review ready to go so watch for it soon. Before I forget… we’re getting a lot of requests for various golf club reviews. Keep the requests coming… we’ll add them to our list. Watch for our “24 in 24″… 24 golf club reviews in 24 hours… in May.

First question… a reader asking for a review of the Cleveland CG1 Black Pearl irons. We did a review of the CG1 on June 2, 2005 (have a look under our Iron Reviews section) and the Black Pearl finish won’t change how these irons work. The Black Pearl irons feature slightly less offset and a different face than the chromed version but they play very similar. Make no mistake about it… the CG1’s are blades and aren’t designed for everyone. The CMM material gives these a great feel but make sure you’ve got some game before trying them! Thanks for the email.

Speaking of Cleveland… I had a nice chat with my Cleveland rep today and he thinks we’ll see some new golf clothing from Quicksilver (Cleveland’s parent company) before the end of the year. Stock on some of the current Cleveland clothing is getting thin and he seems to think that the company will start to shift their clothing over to the Quicksilver and/or Fidra name. A fun little rumor for you… I’m a huge Quicksilver fan and would love to see some golf clothing from them! I’ll keep you updated.

We’re starting to get a lot of email asking about Srixon. These guys make some great stuff and are finally getting recognized. We hope to have some Srixon reviews for you soon but I thought I’d pass along a quick review from one of our readers. One of our regular readers had a chance to try a W-506 driver at a demo day and ended up buying one. He mentioned that the driver felt really good and he loved that it was very forgiving. He also felt that the stock Mitsubishi Rayon shaft worked very well in the head. The best part… it retails at under $300 USD. We’ve had numerous requests for a review of this driver (and the matching irons) and we’ll do our best to get some up. In the meantime… check out the Srixon website for more details.

And finally… we get lots of people asking about golf balls and which ball will help them the most. I did a post on golf balls last year (April 12th, 2005… posted under the Golf Club Buying Guide) but I always see average golfers buying balls that are totally out of their league. The majority of golfers out don’t need to spend a lot on golf balls. Balls like the Pro V1, Callaway HX-Tour, Nike ONE and the Bridgestone B330 are all great but their high spin properties can make a slicer slice even more. Try a sleeve or two of expensive balls… see how they stack up against a cheaper one. If you don’t notice a difference then save your money. Your friends aren’t going to get too jealous of our cheap Pinnacle ( no I’m not picking on Pinnacles… they are a very good ball for most golfers) but they might get jealous if you hit the majority of your fairways!

That’s all for today. Thanks again for all of the email… keep them coming. I’ll be back tomorrow and I’ll talk to you then!

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