The Drill Tiger Woods Hates – Cure your Push and your Hook

Butch Harmon was an advocate of this drill, and it was used quite often on Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods said that this drill, was by far, the worst of all the drills he has tried to fix his game. Guess what? It can help your game too.

Tiger woods golf drillTo practice this drill, setup to a ball, and swing to the top of your backswing, then stop. Count to two slowly to yourself before finishing the swing. This drill is very effective at not only slowing the lower body down which leads to a push, but also helps you recognize that a hands-first motion leads to a huge hook.

To hit the ball properly using this drill, your sequencing on the downswing must be accurate and well-timed. It forces you to start your downswing properly starting with your weight-shift to your lead foot, and then your body unwinds, followed by your hands dropping into position, etc.

If you get too quick at the top you will know it instantly, this is a great drill to help your timing, and fix your push or your hook. Give it a try!

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