Side-Armed Drill – Cure your Slice

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The Problem: The player has a problem releasing their wrists in time for impact. At impact their right hand and forearm are under the left, leaving the clubface open.

The Result:
A high ball flight that usually lands right of the target.

Side Armed golf drill Slice FixThe Drill: To help learn the correct rotation of the hands and forearms, try this famous drill from the late Ben Hogan. Hogan once said that the swing of a golf club loosely resembles the action of an infielder in baseball throwing to first base. The key here is to throw sidearmed and step into the throw. Use this drill a lot if you suffer from this problem, and continue to use it until you can consistently throw the ball accurately.

Seriously pretend you’re playing baseball, or hell grab a baseball glove and throw the ball this way. Step into the throw and let your wrists release naturally. Just remember how the motion feels when you get back to the golf course. This drill will help take the ‘thinking’ out of your wrist release and just help let it happen. Give it a try!



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    Hey JD – we’ll try the next time we hit the range. But really its pretty straightforward. You’re just stepping into a side-armed throw. This encourages the weight shift and a better rotation.

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