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Hey! Wondering where we went? I just noticed that we haven’t updated since Wednesday. Ooops… sorry. SirPutts and I have both been a bit busy but we’re back tonight to answer an email from one of our readers. Let’s get to it!

We get this question a lot and I thought tonight would be a good time to answer it…

I was wondering if you could recommend a few sets of used irons that mid handicappers will be able to find that won’t blow the budget. I have seen several different lists around, but they are mainly geared towards the better players. I am currently playing a no name brand beginners set that I feel that I have grown out of skills wise.

I think the best way to tackle this one is to look less at 2007 stuff and more at 2006 stuff. Here are some of the best iron values for mid handicappers.

1. Cleveland Launcher LP – This is only a 7 piece set but offers decent forgiveness for a really good price. These were designed as a value option and they deliver. One knock on these… no custom options available.

2. Callaway Big Bertha 04 – Some of the most forgiving irons on the market. They might be a bit bulky for some but they make the game pretty enjoyable. Save some cash… go with the 2004 versions over the 2006 ones.

3. Cobra 3100 I/H – Don’t get me wrong… the new Cobra irons are great but the previous models are pretty good too. The 3100 I/H’s are some of the most popular irons I’ve ever sold. These can still be found on clearance and are worth a look. What they lack in looks they make up for in performance.

4. Almost Anything From Adams – These guys have emerged as a big player in the “bang for the buck” category. Have a look at the Idea A2 OS.

5. Nike Pro Combo OS – These are maybe not as forgiving as some of the clubs listed above but are a good set for a decent ball striker. They feature more of a traditional look… a great choice for the good golfer that doesn’t play that much.

6. Mizuno MX-17 – Similar to the Pro Combo… a great looking iron that still offers some game improvement. SirPutts and I like the steel shafts here… we’ve never been fans of Mizuno’s graphite.

7. Orlimar Shuriken – I saw these at the Orlando PGA Show and was pretty impressed. Orlimar is on the comeback trail and their new equipment offers some great value. You can even shop online at their store.

8. TaylorMade RAC OS – One of the best irons in recent memory keep going down in price. They’re forgiving, really easy to hit and feature the TaylorMade name… something that seems to get people pretty excited.

9. Wilson Di5 – I don’t know why these didn’t sell better for us when they first came out but they’re a really solid set. These are nice and clean and don’t feature a lot of bells and whistles.

There… let’s stop at 9. Top 10 lists are all the rage so we’ll be a bit different. Hope these offer a few ideas. Remember that 2006 equipment is still really good and will allow you to get a bit more for your money. Thanks for the email… keep sending them in! Talk to you soon!

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