TaylorMade Goes Pink, Furyk Gets Spicy

Hi everyone. I’m a bit pressed for time today but I do have a few odds and ends to pass along. I’ve been gathering little bits of information here and there so let’s get to it!

TaylorMade Golf will be releasing a new line of ladies bags and hats in… you guessed it… pink. The company will offer a staff bag, a cart bag, a carry bag and a few different hats featuring a pink and black color scheme. This release is really thanks to two things… the signing of Paula Creamer and the fact that pink is the “in” color this year. I had a chance to see the new products the other day and they actually look pretty good. Watch for these as we get closer to summer.

Some news from Innovex Golf to pass along. The company has had to increase their prices a bit due to increasing titanium and 455 carpenter steel costs. Check out the Innovex Golf website for more details. I had a look at the new prices and Innovex clubs are still one of the best “bangs for the buck” if you ask me. While we’re talking about Innovex… the company is currently working on some new clubs that will hit the market either late this year or early next year. The tentatively titled “Codename S” line will include a new hybrid, new irons featuring an undercut cavity and muscle back wedges. We’ll keep you updated as we get more information here.

Cleveland Golf has updated their HiBore website… a site dedicated to the company’s new driver. The HiBore is set to hit stores this week and we should get our first ones in the next few days. The new website features everything you need to know about the HiBore… check it out.

Jim Furyk has some new additions to his wardrobe. Furyk has signed with Tabasco Chiliwear and will sport the company’s new Performance Camp Shirts and Scenic Polos. I actually knew about this signing in January but didn’t know when I should mention it… I didn’t want to say something too early and get in trouble! You’ve probably seen the Tabasco shirts before… most are very “busy” but the new Performance Camp shirts are actually very toned down. Watch for a few other players wearing Tabasco on Tour this year… Carlos Franco and Craig Perks are the names that I’ve heard.

That’s all for today. Thanks for all of your emails and we will work hard on keeping up. There are a few in the inbox right now and we’ll get to those soon. Have a great night and we’ll talk to you soon!

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