Back to the Wall Drill – Fix your Shank

Problem: The player’s swing is too flat (probably from standing too far away from the ball at address), and their path is coming too far from the inside on the downswing.

ImageResult: This swing path leads to a high possibility of shanking their shot 

The Drill: This drill is designed to help get rid of an overly flat swing. First and foremost, check your ball position and your distance to the ball at address, as this symptom is the most common cause of a shank. Remember guys; try to work on fixing your fundamentals first before using drills to fix your problems. I cannot stress this enough; most swing faults start with poor fundamentals.

Ok, now find a wall that you can set up too. Have your butt approximately six inches away from the wall. To take a full swing with the wall in the way your path will need to become more upright. Take slow swings to start, and work on getting to the top and back to the ball without hitting the wall. It should feel different, but all new movements do. Work on swinging slowly until you can make a full swing without making contact with the wall. Next, try hitting some balls… I’ll bet you it’s not a shank.

Give it a try and get rid of your shank!



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  1. This is great! ive been struggling with swing plane issues for a while and shanks just seem to come out of nowhere! and worse, they stay! thanks a lot for this drill!

  2. What’s the recommended club for this drill — a driver would certainly be too long, but maybe a wedge would be too short?

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