The TaylorMade Tour Arrow?

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. A big hello to SirPuttsAlot… I think he was going to try and check the site during his golf/drinking trip. Don’t worry buddy… everything is under control! I think we’ll answer a few emails tonight… pass along some news, answer Monday’s trivia question and maybe even throw in a rumor. Let’s get to it!

First off… a few signings to pass along. Callaway Golf has extended it’s endorsement agreement with U.S. Open winner Michael Campbell. Not a huge surprise here… it would be pretty tough to let a guy like Campbell walk after his great 2005. Yes! Golf has signed LPGA star Rosie Jones to an endorsement deal. Watch for Jones to be a major part of Yes! advertisements in the coming months. She’ll also carry a Yes! Golf staff bag… which is the coolest looking staff bag of them all if you ask me.

Let’s jump over to the mailbag. We got a lot of requests for putter reviews. We might look at doing some putter profiles in the future but in the meantime I thought I’d give you a quick list of the hot putters in my shop right now…

Odyssey SRT – Sure they might look a bit odd but these things feel great. These high MOI putters are best suited for those golfers with a very “straight back, straight through” stroke and they stay very stable through impact.

Odyssey Dual Force 2 – One of the best bangs for the buck… these putters offer a big name, good technology and a great price. They are available in a bunch of different styles too.

TaylorMade Monza Corza – A great looking mallet with Movable Weight Technology. The AGSI face helps to get the ball rolling and makes even the worst putts feel good.

Scotty Cameron Red X – People really like this mallet… especially the center-shafted version. The Red X looks great and feels even better. SirPuttsAlot uses this one… I’d like to say it works for him but then I’d be lying! Regardless… a great option.

Slighter Putters – Want to try something a bit different? Head over to Slighter Golf and check out their putters. See something you like but want to make a few changes? Tom Slighter can do just about anything! These are worth a look!

Putters are so personal… everyone wants something different. Have someone take a look at your stroke. If you have a very “pendulum-like” stroke you might want to look at a face balanced putter… many high MOI mallets are face balanced (they have equal amounts of weight on either side of the shaft). You might also want to consider a center shaft. People with “barn door” strokes are probably better off looking for something that have a bit more weight on the toe. At the end of the day… go with whatever works. Thanks for the email.

A quick addition to my what’s in the bag for Stephen Ames from Monday… Ames also used a TaylorMade Rescue Dual and a TaylorMade Rossa putter.

Ok… I promised a rumor so here goes. Word on the street (I love that phrase) suggests that the much talked about new TaylorMade/Maxfli golf ball may be called the TaylorMade Tour Arrow. It’s been widely speculated that there will be two versions of the ball and I’ve heard that they will be called the TaylorMade Tour Arrow II and TaylorMade Tour Arrow III. One of them (I don’t know which one) will be a higher spin version and the two of them promise to be the company’s new entry into the premium golf ball market. TaylorMade sales reps should see these new balls at a sales meeting in Atlanta this weekend so watch for some sort of official news in the coming weeks. We hope to have more information on Monday so stay tuned. Remember… it’s just a rumor… and aren’t rumors fun? One thing is for sure… the TaylorMade marketing machine is going to make sure every golfer on the planet knows about these when they’re released!

That’s all for today. Earlier in the week I asked you to name the famous club designer originally from Canada. The answer… Titliest wedge guru Bob Vokey is from Montreal. I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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