Another Big Weekend For Titleist Golf

Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by! I’ve rounded up some odds and ends for you today so let’s get to it!

We’ve been getting some email asking about the possibility of a TaylorMade R7 460 TP driver coming to retail. As it stands right now there is no official word about a possible release but I wouldn’t expect to see a new TP driver until at least the middle of summer. A R7 460 TP driver makes sense but I think the company wants to get the new R7 425 and R7 460 nicely into the mix before even thinking of another club. We’ll keep you updated as we get more information.

Speaking of TaylorMade… the R5 Dual has dropped in price. I don’t know exactly when most online retailers dropped their prices but I know we just got our price reduction information the other day. I’m glad to see the R5 going down… the lower priced R7 Quad was really hurting R5 sales. This new reduction gives TaylorMade a really solid foothold in the “value” category.

It was another great weekend for Titleist Golf. The company placed first in the golf ball, iron, wedge and putter count at Pebble Beach. Winner Arron Oberholser became the first player to win a PGA Tour event using the new Titleist 905R driver. The 905R was also the most used 460CC driver in the field. Not a bad few weeks for Acushnet… they also took last week’s FBR Open.

While we’re talking about Titleist… most of the company’s products get some serious hype prior to release. Most products create a lot of buzz on the forums and we get lots of email asking for more information. One iron that has kind of flown under the radar has been the 775.CB. These will replace the 804.OS and should be a solid game improvement option in 2006. I won’t lie… I wasn’t a huge fan of the 804.OS (or the 704.CB for that matter) but these look to be a big improvement. We’ll review these in the spring… or whenever the snow melts… whichever comes first! One more note… we’ve had a few emails asking about the Titleist 755 irons. The 755’s are rumored to be the replacement for the current 704.CB’s… and we probably won’t see them until at least the fall.

That’s all for today. Thanks to everyone for the email… some of which were pretty funny. A special thanks to the gentleman that emailed me to remind me that I’m not that old… even though I fail to sleep in on Sundays. For the record… I’m only 27 and I hope to have many more years of non-sleeping in ahead of me! Talk to you later!

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