Callaway Unveils New Golf Balls

Hello everyone. I’m taking a break from watching the Olympics and thought I’d pass along a few odds and ends. I’ve got some Callaway golf ball news and some shaft news so let’s get to it!

Callaway has introduced two new golf balls for 2006. I guess they aren’t completely new… let’s call them two tweaked versions of their already popular HX Tour golf balls. Both of the HX Tour balls did really well at my shop last year and I think most people would have been happy if they had stayed the same… but Callaway has found a way to make them even better. I won’t get into a real technical explanation of the changes but the new balls are longer, a bit more durable and will stay whiter. I think one of the only knocks on the 2005 HX balls was that they were a bit off-color and it looks like the company has addressed the issue. These new balls will be available later this week and will retail at the same price as last year.

We’re really trying to give you more shaft information so I thought I’d spend a bit of time and talk about the True Temper Black Gold steel shafts. These shafts had a pretty good weekend at Pebble Beach… they were used by two players in the Top 10 in only their first week on Tour. The big selling point with these shafts has to do with consistency. Each shaft is frequency tuned, weighed and checked for balance point to make sure that it is identical to the next. Check out the True Temper Black Gold website for more details. I have been looking at these for a while and I might try them in my irons this year. I’ll keep you updated!

The guys over at Golfwrx have some really good pictures of the new Odyssey White Hot XG putters. These were introduced at the Orlando PGA Show last month and I think they’ll do really well. The XG putters feature a multi-layer insert and the company says that they are the softest putters in the line. The XG line is a combination of crazy mallets and traditional designs… and there should be something for everyone. These aren’t up on the Odyssey website yet but we’ll let you know when they are! I really like the Odyssey line this year. They’ve nailed almost all of the pricepoints, they’ve added some funky new designs but they’ve also made sure that there are lots of options for the traditionalist.

I’m off to answer some email… we’ve had a busy couple of days and I know SirPutts has been working very hard to catch up. Keep sending them in and we’ll keep responding! Have a great night!

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