The Truth about Your Brain And Golf

The brain is a very powerful and influential tool in the game of golf. It has hindered us and helped us on the links for centuries. We have studied it endlessly and still know so little… Here are some of the thing we know about golf and the brain.

• Everything happens in the brain first.
• The brain controls the body, the body controls the club and the club controls the ball.
• The brain tells the muscles exactly what to do whether the resulting swing is good or bad.

How many of you can relate to some of the above ‘truths’? Ever wonder why when you say to yourself, “I can’t make this shot, there’s no way”, that you never will? Your brain makes your thoughts come true, with solid technique and no doubt in your abilities, you can accomplish anything.

• The brain consisted of two sides, each have different functions.
• The left side like numbers and words, it is very analytical.
• The right side prefers pictures and feelings, it is very creative.
• The best way to learn golf if through using pictures and feelings. Use the right side of your brain to learn golf.

This explains why drills are very effective in golf instruction… they create feelings and mental pictures. I could sit here all day and ramble on and on about what you should be doing, but most of the content you will forget instantaneously. You must feel the proper motions to repeat them; you must be able to picture the proper movements to complete them. That is why I made this site, to help golfers improve there golf games.

• Muscles do not understand words.
• The brain has difficulty turning words into actions.
• During a swing, some motions are caused to happen by the brain and others are allowed to happen.
• Problems arise when the things that are allowed to happen are caused to happen.
• “Talking is not teaching and listening is not learning.” ~ Michael Hebron

Muscles do not have a brain, they have no memory; the brain has memory. Muscle memory does not exist, however muscles can be conditioned. The brain has the final say, it always has. If you have any self-doubt about your alignment you brain realizes it, and will make an adjustment to your swing to ‘fix’ it. Perfect fundamentals coupled with indecision produce disaster. Work on your brain, just as much as your full swing guys. Be confident in your abilities and trust your swing. It’s imperative to getting your game to the next level!

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