First Impressions Of The New TaylorMade Fairway Woods

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by. I’m up early again so I thought I’d post a few odds and ends before I go to Dennys… yes Dennys. I’m in the mood for some pancakes! I’m hungry so let’s quit wasting time and get to it!

I had a chance to hit a few of the new TaylorMade clubs on Friday and I’m really impressed. Our rep brought in the new R7 Steel fairway, R7 Titanium fairway and the Rossa Mezza Monza AGSI Black. The R7 Steel was probably my favorite. It felt great and looked really good from above. I was really surprised at how forgiving the club was and it was really easy to hit off of the deck. I like that TaylorMade has found a way to include Movable Weight Technology in a stainless steel head. The R7 Steel looks a lot like the current R7 TP fairway and comes with a 2 gram and a 14 gram weight. I don’t remember the exact price but it will be a bit higher than your normal steel fairway. The R7 Titanium fairway is basically the “non-TP” version of the current titanium fairway. It’s 15% bigger than the R7 Steel and gives the average player a chance to use a titanium fairway wood. Due to snow and cold I couldn’t hit these outside but my rep says the R7 Titanium is really, really long. We’ll review these in the spring.

I also had a chance to try the new Mezza Monza AGSI Black. The name says it all… it’s the original Mezza Monza putter in a black finish featuring the new AGSI insert. I liked the original Mezza Monza and liked this one even more because of the AGSI insert. The black color looks pretty cool… it’s designed to reduce glare but I’ve never really bought the whole glare reduction thing. Maybe I just don’t play on sunny days. Regardless… it was a great feeling putter.

A little side note while I’m talking about TaylorMade. The Women’s line is a bit messed up. There isn’t an R7 driver designed for lady golfers so the R5 driver will remain in the Women’s line… along with the R5 fairway woods (The Men’s R5 fairways will be bumped out by the new R7 Titanium). The R7 drivers will be available to ladies through special order though… TaylorMade will offer them with the Pink Aldila NV 55 a la Paula Creamer.

We’ve had a few questions about the Miura CB-301 irons. We won’t have a lot of information on these until March but I can tell you a little bit more. The CB-301’s will be a cavity backed iron that will be available in mid March but there has been such huge demand for these that Miura hopes to have a limited number of sets for select retailers next week. They don’t replace anything in the line but instead they complement the existing CB-201 and MC-101. We’ll pass along more information as we get it.

I think that’s about it for right now. My stomach is telling me to get to Dennys! Thanks for all of the email and the positive comments on our first Shaft Profile. We’ll have lots more of those on the way so stay tuned!

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