Harrison Gets a Win With Rory

Hello everyone… hope you’re having a great day! I’ve had the afternoon off so today’s post is a bit earlier than usual. I’ve rounded up some odds and ends from the golfing world so let’s get to it!

It was a great weekend for Rory Sabbatini and Harrison Golf. Sabbatini won the 2006 Nissan Open using a Harrison Pro 2.5 FL 60 in his driver and a Harrison Impulse shaft in his hybrid. We get lots of email asking about Harrison shafts and it’s good to see. Many people have associated the company with long drive shafts but they make really good products for almost every level of golfer. The company has almost 40 players on the PGA Tour using their stuff… including Tom Lehman (he uses the Striper Tour 701’s in some of his woods) and Sabbatini (who is an official Harrison Staff player). Be sure to check out the Harrison website for more details and watch for a few Harrison Shaft Profiles in the coming weeks!

John Daly made quite the entrance into the Maxfli family yesterday. Daly was introduced as the official Maxfli spokesman at TaylorMade headquarters on Monday… and took some time to launch a few big drives for company employees. No word yet on when we might see Daly in some ads but he should be the center of attention in any upcoming Maxfli ball (and club) campaigns. Speaking of Maxfli… we’ll have more information on the new Maxfli golf ball prototypes in the coming weeks. John Daly, new Maxfli prototypes on Tour, lots of hype… is it just me or does it feel like we might be in for something big?

Callaway Golf has re-signed Olin Browne to a multi-year deal. Browne is one of those guys that kind of flies under the radar but always seems to do really well. He was also the first PGA player to sign with the company back in 1992. Browne will continue to use an FT-3 driver, an X 3 wood, X-Tour irons, Forged + wedges and the new HX.Tour golf ball.

And speaking of Callaway… the new Big Bertha ‘06 irons have the early lead in best selling 2006 iron at my shop. People loved the ‘04 version and they love the lower priced, more forgiving ‘06 version. We’ve also had a lot of people asking about the new Callaway woods but they’ll need to wait a few more weeks. I’d have to say the TaylorMade R7 XD’s are a close second… they’re just flat out long!

That’s all for today. Thanks for all of the email and support. We’re totally caught up on the email so feel free to send away. SirPutts has been going crazy on the email lately… leading me to believe that he doesn’t actually have a job!

Finally… a goodbye to my Grandpa who passed away last night. Ok… it’s safe now to admit that I was the one that used to take all of your golf balls out of your bag and fire them into the lake. It seemed like a really, really good idea at the time! Oh well… I owe you a box or two… or three…

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