Cleveland TA6 On The Way Out

Wow… it felt like Christmas today. We’re starting to get some of the new products in my shop and it’s a pretty busy time. Today was Cobra… tomorrow should be Callaway… and other products are on the way next week. Now we just need some warm weather!

I had a nice chat with my Cleveland rep today and he kind of laid out the old “what’s in and what’s out”. We talked a lot about the new Cleveland products a while back (see the Feb. 8th post) and now we’re starting to get an idea of what will happen with some of the current stuff. It looks like the TA6 irons are done and will be replaced by the Launcher LP irons. It doesn’t look like the TA6’s are going to take a real dive in price… stock is pretty low and there is still a decent demand for them. Our store has a few sets and we don’t plan on dropping prices at all. Speaking of dropping prices… the Cleveland COMP driver, COMP fairway woods and Launcher Ti460 driver will all drop a bit. This will make some room at the top for the new HiBore… which will become Cleveland’s high end driver. I’ve looked at a few online retailers and they’ve made price changes already. My rep hopes to have some samples of the new stuff soon and I’ll keep you updated!

MacGregor Golf has announced that they have added Steve Elkington to their Tour staff. I’d read something about this on Golfwrx a while back and now it’s official. Elkington will play M675 irons, MACTEC NVG2 fairway woods and a Bobby Grace putter. A nice signing for MacGregor!

La Jolla Golf has introduced a 450CC driver… for kids. The new “Big Ti” features a full titanium head, graphite shaft and Winn grip. I just showed a picture of it to SirShanksAlot Jr. and he’s in love! The Big Ti is available now and comes in under $100 USD.

We had an email asking about Rory Sabbatini’s putter. Sabbatini is using a Scotty Cameron Xperimental prototype… a very interesting design to say the least. Head over to Golfwrx… they’ve got some pictures of it there. Scotty Cameron putters were actually used by the top 3 players at the Nissan… Sabbantini with the Xperimental, Adam Scott with a Newport 2 and Craig Barlow with a SC-303.

I think that’s all for tonight. SirPutts is pretty much up to date with the email so feel free to send away. Be sure to check back tomorrow… we’ll have another golf tip from The Golf Drill Guru. Have a great day!

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