Shoulder Club Drill – Fix Your Putting Stroke

Problem: Many players have putting strokes that do not involve the shoulders. Their putting motion then becomes more of a flick with the arms, wrists and hands.

Putting Shoulder Shaft Drill

Result: These player’s tend to have difficulty judging distances and controlling their alignment.

The Drill: While on the putting green, grab a long iron and place it under your armpits. Putt to holes about 10 feet away, make your normal stroke; you will notice a difference in the feel of it with the club under your arms. By involving your shoulders and chest into the stroke, you reduce the movements of your arms and wrists. Your stroke becomes much simpler and much smoother. Practice this drill constantly, as it gives you the feeling of a proper putting stroke. Give it a try, and watch those putts fall.

Need to fix your slice? How about your hook?

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