TaylorMade r11? Dick's Eyeing Golf Town?

Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by! It's golf rumor time! We've got some good ones this week so let's get to it!

I don't think we can get through a rumors post without a good TaylorMade rumor. Word on the street has the company launching a new r11 line of woods and irons. Not much is really known yet but it makes sense if you follow the progression of the "r" series. Adding some fuel to the already hot fire… our friends over at report that TaylorMade applied for a trademark of the "r11" name in May. Interesting…

Staying with TaylorMade… we've also heard of a possible Burner Draw line of woods and irons. This would accompany the r11 line… one would assume they would target the game improvement side of things. We'll keep you updated. 

For our friends in Canada… it looks like all assets of Golf Town Limited Partnership have been acquired by OMERS Capital Partners. It doesn't look like this will really change much at the store level but there is an interesting rumor going around that retail giant Dick's Sporting Goods  may be ready to close in on Golf Town… perhaps buying it from OMERS once the original transaction is complete. I'm not really into how it all works but an interesting rumor!

We've had a few emails asking about a square Nike SQ hybrid used by a few of the company's Tour professionals. There aren't a ton of pictures available but the club does indeed exist. No word on if or when it will come to retail but we'll keep you posted.  

I think that's all for now. Again… take these for what they are… rumors! Have a good night and we'll talk to you soon!! 

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