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Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! I’ve slowly been collecting golfing odds and ends and I figure a post is in order! First off… a big hello to everyone over at Golfwrx. I usually hear rumors from my customers and reps but I always want to investigate them prior to posting them. There has been some really good info over at Golfwrx lately and it’s been a great resource in my investigations! Be sure to check them out… it’s free to join. Let’s get to some news…

We talked a bit about a Callaway Fusion hybrid wood last fall. We asked about this club when we were down at Callaway in September and the company said that they had no plans in making a Fusion hybrid. My how times have changed… the boys over at Golfwrx have some pictures of the new Callaway FT-Hybrid. It looks a lot like the Fusion fairway woods but smaller. To add fuel to the fire… the new Golf Digest Hot List has included Callaway Fusion FT-Hybrid in their hybrid testing section. I’ll see if I can get a release date for you… stay tuned.

The Adams Golf website now features the new RPM fairway woods. These low profile woods are available in a few different versions and remind me a bit of the old Adams Tight Lies. Adams products are really starting to grow on me… they make some really nice stuff and I’m getting more and more people asking for them.

Nickent is expanding their Pipe putter line to include a couple of blade style designs. The PP/004 is a “plumber-neck blade” and the PP/005 is a “flare-tip blade”. Still can’t picture it? Check out the Nickent website for more details.

We sell a lot of the Volvik Crystal golf balls at my shop. Watch for Volvik to introduce a few new colors and a new three-piece ball at the Orlando PGA Show. These low compression balls have been a huge hit with my female customers and I’m starting to see a lot of guys picking up a box too!

That’s all for today… it’s not that busy right now but expect it to pick up as the Orlando PGA Show gets closer. Keep sending in those emails… SirPutts is caught up right now and we need to keep him busy! Have a great day!

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