New TaylorMade Website On The Way

Hello everyone and welcome to my second post of the day. I’ve been busy writing emails and stuff today but I’ve got a few more odds and ends I pass along.

Watch for a new Taylor Made Golf website on Tuesday. The new site will be a bit easier to use and will also feature a few blogs built right into it. The folks at TaylorMade have the website thing figured out and this new one should be good. Be sure to stop by and have a look!

I was doing some thinking today about what the Cleveland driver line might look like come April when the new HiBore driver is released. One would assume that the HiBore will be the flagship driver… it’s the one that is getting some play on the Tour. We would then assume that the Launcher Ti460 may be in for a bit of a price drop… perhaps moving it into the value category. Some online retailers have already cut the price of the Ti460 a bit… I haven’t seen anything at my shop yet but we still have some time. The COMP could stick around as the “in between”… the club that has a bit more technology then the Ti460 but isn’t as advanced as the HiBore. A line consisting of 3 drivers would cover all the bases. Only time will tell I guess!

We’ve been getting a lot of email asking about various Innovex Golf products. Our readers are really enjoying the clubs that they have ordered… especially the driver. The staff at Innovex Golf has also proved to be very, very helpful and we’ve heard nothing but good things in regards to customer service. We’ll be announcing our 2006 Golf Company Of The Year soon so stay tuned. Don’t worry though… we’ll keep bringing you updates from Innovex.

Royal Precision has announced the release of a high launch version of their popular Rifle Project X shaft. The original Rifle Project X shaft produced a lower, more penetrating ball flight… great for the low handicapper. The company wanted to create a Project X shaft that would appeal to the mid to high handicapper… the guy that needs help getting the ball in the air. Other than the higher ball flight, these new shafts will feature all the same technologies as the original… and should be a great choice for the average golfer!

That’s all for tonight… Im riding the bus after my car was stolen so I have to get up way earlier. If anyone has a car they would like to donate… please email me at… I’m kidding. Oh public transit… you gotta love it! Take care and we’ll talk to you real soon.

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