Innovex Golf Adds To Their Line

Another day… another post! There really isn’t a whole lot going on right now so SirPuttsAlot and I are working the emails pretty hard in an attempt to dig up some stuff to write. We’ve gathered a few odds and ends so let’s get to it!

I wanted to quickly touch on a comment I made about the new Callaway Big Bertha ‘06 irons the other day. We had a few emails asking about my comment on looking at the ‘04 irons instead of these new irons. We won’t get a chance to review the Big Bertha ‘06 irons until the spring so we won’t get a true idea of what everyone thinks of them until March or April. It’s really no secret that our testers loved the ’04’s and the new versions should do a good job of carrying on the Big Bertha tradition. We won’t know how much of an improvement the ‘06 irons are until we test them but either way I think it’s safe to say that you’re getting an excellent game improvement iron here. If you have a chance to hit the new Big Bertha irons… or any new club for that matter… drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!

So far so good for the new TaylorMade Golf website. I had a chance to surf it a bit tonight and I’m really impressed. A few things that caught my eye…

– the R7 460 is up and there are even a few good pictures of it in the “gallery”. I’ve actually had a few customers ask for it already… looks like they’ve been doing their homework.

– the R7 Steel fairway is up too. We’ve talked a bit about this club and it should be a nice addition to the line. I’ve had a lot of people look at the R7 TP fairway but the price scares most away. The TP isn’t designed for the average player… but this new R7 Steel appeals more to the masses.

– the Tour Trailer report and blogs are pretty cool. Most of us will never play what the PGA players use but it’s sure fun to look at!

– the R5 TP driver isn’t on there… unless I’m totally missing something. The original R7 drivers have also been shifted to the “Vintage Clubs” section.

Great job on the new site… nice to see the addition of a few blogs too. SirPutts and I should look at starting one of those blog things… maybe a golf equipment one… oh… wait.

A few small additions to report from Innovex Golf. Watch for a 16 degree CFD driver and a #6 RLS hybrid in the spring. Some may laugh at a 16 degree driver but it’s actually a really good idea. Higher lofted drivers are great for the higher handicapper that has a problem with control. We sold a lot of high lofted drivers at my shop this year. The 15 degree Callaway Big Bertha 454 was a good one for us but it can sometimes be a bit of a chore convincing someone that high lofts can help. Who cares if your friends laugh at the loft on your driver. You’ll get the last laugh when they slice their 8 degree into the trees.

That’s all for tonight. My days have been getting a bit longer now that I’m a public transit user so I need some sleep. Oh well… I’ve got my Golf Punk magazine to keep me company! Talk to you soon!

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