Adams Introduces New RPM Fairway Woods

Hello all and thanks for stopping by… and an even bigger thanks for putting up with SirPuttsAlot yesterday. I try to keep him away from posting but he manages to sneak on now and again. Not a whole lot going on today but we’ll make due with what we have!

Adams Golf has now officially introduced it’s new RPM fairway woods. We’ve actually been getting a lot of email asking about these and for good reason… they look great. They’ll be available in two versions… the RPM Low Profile and the RPM Tour. The Low Profile is then broken down again… into the standard and the draw… the standard having weight (28 grams) in the center and the draw featuring weight (28 grams) in the heel. All clubs will be available in numerous lofts and customers will be able to pick from a few different stock shafts too. Check out the Adams Golf website for more details.

Speaking of Adams… we’ve had a few questions asking about the Adams A-Tour irons. These are beautiful clubs but don’t expect to see these in a store near you. There was a lot of confusion around these things… can you get them? Will they come to stores? Here’s the official word we got from our Adams source today…

“These irons ( a Tour ) are prototypes and available only to Adams Tour department and select Adams Staff Players. These irons have not (and will not) be launched and are not to be sold to consumers!”

We’ve also had a few emails asking about the Nike Ignite golf ball. The Ignite is a three piece distance ball… basically Nike’s version of the Callaway HX Hot. I’m starting to see a lot of golfers interested in this type of ball… they want a fairly low spin ball for control but want some extra technology to help with distance. Expect to see these in stores very soon.

I had a nice chat with my Cleveland guy today. He talked a bit about the HiBore driver (mainly stuff I knew already), he mentioned that the Ti460 will probably go down in price a bit to make room for the HiBore and he also talked a bit about Cleveland’s relationship with Quiksilver clothing. Quiksilver (Cleveland’s parent company) could move into golf clothing using the Cleveland Golf name… something that makes a lot of sense to me. He said that there isn’t anything coming in the immediate future but that it is being looked at. I’d love to see some Quiksilver golf clothing… anyone that knows me knows that I wear a lot of Quiksilver and I tend to golf now and again!

Stuart Appleby won last week’s Mercedes Championship using a Zen ZD-01 “MERC” putter. The “MERC” was created thanks to a relationship between Zen Oracle and Daito Golf… basically it’s a combination of Zen Oracle’s technology and Daito Golf’s special stainless steel. Kind of a strange looking putter but it seems to work really well for Stuart!

That’s all for today… thanks to everyone for their emails. A special thanks to our reader that emailed in and offered SirPuttsAlot a remedy for his cold. Hmm… include a personal problem in a post and a reader will offer a solution. My car got stolen in December and now I ride the bus… I like sporty cars, perhaps in blue, lots of leg room, sunroof, enough trunk space for some clubs and a decent stereo. I can be reached at… haha… have a great day!

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