More Information On The ZD-01 “MERC” Putter

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by to check us out. First off… a big thanks for all the email. We have a whole bunch of emails out to various industry people and we’ll be sure to pass along answers to your questions as we get them. I also want to thank our readers who actually took time out of their busy days to email me and give me suggestions on what kind of car I should get to replace the one that was stolen. I’ll let you know what I decide on and you can all come for a ride. Just a few odds and ends for you today so let’s get to it.

We talked a bit about the new Zen ZD-01 “MERC” putter that Stuart Appleby used in his win at the Mercedes and we’ve got a few more details for you. There is a lot of science behind this putter but here is an overview… designers found that putting the uneven surface of a golf ball (the dimples make it uneven) cause even the best putts to go offline. This new putter employs ridges on the face to help reduce the negative effects of the uneven golf ball. The result is straighter putts. Zen Oracle has teamed with Daito Golf to create this putter and both will be at the Orlando PGA Show at the end of the month. The Zen ZD-01 will be available on February 28th and will retail for around $275 USD.

Speaking of putters… I’ve posted pictures of the new Frankly Frog putters over at Golfwrx. The pink one has caught the attention of my girlfriend and I think I’ll be ordering one soon. If (when) she becomes a better putter than me, I’ll be taking the pink one for myself.

Nike had added the CPR 3 iron-woods and woods to their line. These clubs are built with control and ease of use in mind. The new iron-woods still feature the “scoop-back” technology found in the older CPR clubs but will produce a more boring trajectory than previous models. It will be available in 4 different lofts. The CPR 3 woods feature similar technology to the iron-woods but are a bit shorter than traditional woods. Nike hopes this shorter shaft will help with control. The CPR 3 woods will also be available in 4 different lofts. Expect to see these new Nike clubs in stores at the start of March.

Watch for a few shaft manufacturers in Orlando. Among these will be Harrison… who will be debuting their new Mugen graphite shaft. The Mugen uses nanotubes to increase the shaft’s strength and durability. Nanotechnology is the new trend in graphite shafts and it seems that all the big manufacturers have a nano entry coming to market.

I think that’s all for today. Thanks to everyone that checked out the Tom Slighter interview yesterday. Tom was great to work with and be sure to check out the Slighter Golf website if you haven’t already! Keep the emails and comments coming. Have a great night and we’ll talk to you soon!

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